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Most Common Types of HVAC Systems Available in Market

Most Common Types of HVAC Systems Available in Market

HVAC Systems can be classified in many types but here we will diiscuss about most popular  types of HVAC systems and how they are most commonly combined to heat and cool the air in your home. Depending on if you need a new HVAC system installation or simply a replacement of either unit for heating or cooling, you will need to know the basics components that can make up an HVAC unit.


Heating &  Cooling Split Systems

The most common type of HVAC system is the heating & cooling split system. Split HVAC units have two main systems one dedicated to cooling your home and one dedicated to heating your home. They

usually contain one indoor unit such as a furnace (found in a garage, utility closet, crawl space, garage, attic, or basement) and one outdoor unit such as a central air conditioners often located outside on a flat cement foundation called an AC pad. The central air unit uses refrigerant, compressors and coils to cool air, and a fan to blow out your home’s hot air. These systems are often managed by a centrally located thermostat within the home that pushes air throughout vents and ducts in your home.



Hybrid Split System

A hybrid split system is a similar option to the split HVAC system mentioned above and are very energy efficient in comparison due to the fact that they have an electric hybrid heater system. This gives the homeowner the ability to choose between gas power or electric power to heat a home. These split hybrid heating and cooling systems are great for climates where you need to be able to choose your home’s temperature due to changing climate in your area during colder months. This HVAC system is also controlled by a thermostat located within the home and forces air through your home’s ductwork. This type of system can save you money long term by decreasing high energy bill costs.


Ductless AC  – Mini Split Systems

A ductless HVAC system, or mini split unit is beneficial for some homes based on certain needs for your household. A ductless system has multiple inside units located in each room that you would like to have controlled heating and cooling. The mini split units are mounted on your home’s walls and connect to a compressor located outside of the home. Mini split units are easier to install than a central AC system but usually cost more upfront.

Some reasons you may be interested in a duct free AC unit would include:

You want to cool or heat only one particular room, such as a garage or a new room that was added to the house.

You do not use all of the rooms in your home and you would like to be energy efficient with your air conditioning use for only rooms you utilize.

You prefer independent control of room temperature across multiple areas of your home.



Heating & Air Conditioner Packages

Packaged heating and cooling systems are a combination unit that contains both the heating & air unit all in one. This HVAC type is usually installed in the attic or in a multi-story home’s top floor in a storage space. It is able to cool and heat a home with one unit and is incredibly energy efficient. It’s often used in areas where warmer climates are common. The heat is electrically generated and can fall short in comparison to more powerful heating options. However, there are advanced combo units that utilize both gas and electric heat output in order to be powerful and energy efficient when needed.

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