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Indoor Air Quality Services in Germantown, MD


How much do you know about the quality of your property’s indoor air? For most people, it’s not something that is often at the forefront of their minds. From dust and airborne debris to allergens and germs, there are a lot of factors that can reduce the quality of the air that you breathe day-to-day within your home or business. Thankfully, indoor air quality services in Germantown, MD, like ours here at Anthony & Son Indoor Air Quality, LLC, can ensure that your property has the cleanest, best-filtered air possible.

The Importance of Your Property’s Indoor Air Quality

No matter what kind of property you own, ensuring that the air within is clean and safe to inhale should be a top priority. There is a myth among people that they are protected from air pollution inside the comfort of their homes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor environments are around 2-5 times as polluted as the air outdoors and occasionally up to 100 times as polluted! The EPA has ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top 5 environmental dangers facing our planet. This is a weighty problem that we all face.

While there is little you can do to affect the quality of the air outdoors, there is a lot you can do to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) at home. If you have a forced air system in your home, there are many different modifications Anthony & Son can make to your existing HVAC system to improve the quality of the air you breathe.

Our Top-of-the-Line Indoor Air Quality Services in Germantown, MD

When you work with our team here at Anthony & Son Indoor Air Quality, LLC, we offer all the air quality services you could need right under one roof! We have a wealth of experience helping properties of all shapes and sizes achieve a supreme level of quality indoor air. 

Our services include the following:

  • IAQ Assessments: Our team will conduct a thorough examination of your home’s IAQ, searching for common airborne contaminants such as dust, dirt, and various unwanted germs. This will help us determine precisely what indoor air quality services in Germantown, MD, your property needs.
  • HVAC Inspections, Maintenance, and Repairs: Your HVAC system is a critical factor that can impact IAQ. Accordingly, we thoroughly inspect your system and can provide any maintenance and repairs that may be necessary to improve your air quality.
  • Air Filtration and Purification Systems: Just as important as the HVAC system itself is the various air filtration and purification systems within. By replacing old filters with newer, higher-quality filters and installing a purification system (such as UV lights), we can dramatically increase IAQ.
  • Allergen Control and Prevention: We know just how bothersome allergies can be, especially when they bother you right in your own home! That’s why we also offer a number of allergen control and prevention services to ensure those irritations stay out of your pristine indoor air.
  • And plenty more!

Not sure if the services listed above are what your property needs? Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly team members at 240-683-6862, and we’ll see if we can’t find the perfect solution for your home or place of business.

Ways We Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

There are a variety of methods for improving a property’s indoor air quality. Which one will work for your property will depend significantly on your unique needs as well as the current air quality within the property.

The most common and effective ways to improve your IAQ include:


Dryness can cause a lot of problems within your home and with your health. Moreover, dry air can cause wood to split and crack. As such, a humidifier can help protect you, your hardwood floors, and your furniture by maintaining a stable level of moisture within your home. Having a humidifier can also help prevent sinus and nasal problems during those chilly winter months.


On the other hand, you may be experiencing the exact opposite problem—too much humidity within your property. Dehumidifiers are most commonly used in the summer as they can help to remove excess moisture. They also remove stale odors, reduce mold buildup, and help cool the temperature within your property.

Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers, as the name suggests, will act as scrubbers to remove and clean the air of a wide variety of airborne pollutants. This type of air device can cover thousands of square feet with a single air scrubber. This often makes them a more affordable and effective option than other types of air-scrubbing devices.

There are actually two major types of air scrubbers: dry and wet scrubbing. Both of these help tackle your IAQ issues in different ways, so our team here at Anthony & Son can help determine which one is right for you.

UV Lights

Germs and various other harmful bacteria are known to spread throughout a property’s HVAC system. This, of course, can affect your health as well as the quality of your HVAC system, home, and indoor air quality. Thankfully, with the use of ultraviolet light, your HVAC system can better scrub the air for these troublesome microorganisms.

Likewise, it’s not uncommon for the inside of your HVAC system to become clogged with dirt, pollutants, and other debris. Installing UV lights in your HVAC unit can help clean your system and remove buildup in ductwork and pipes and in cooling coils. Plus, this increased efficiency can translate into reduced energy costs and less maintenance over the long term!

Our Service Agreement

Ways We Can Help Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

You’re probably aware of countless businesses around you that offer indoor air quality services in Germantown, MD. But where can you go if you’re looking for trustworthy, first-class IAQ services that you can be confident will deliver exactly what they promise? The answer is simple: our team here at Anthony & Son.

  • Vast Knowledge, Experience, and Skill: We have a long track record of accomplishment and a great deal of accumulated expertise when it comes to indoor air quality services in Germantown, MD. Consequently, you’re picking among the best in the industry when you choose us.
  • Commitment to Complete Customer Satisfaction: We don’t deem a task completed until you are entirely happy with the services we have recommended and executed for you. Furthermore, we place a high premium on providing excellent customer service and IAQ services, so you get the best of both.
  • Efficient, Effective, and Unobtrusive Service: When we arrive at your home or business to fix your indoor air quality issues, we will work quickly and efficiently while causing as little interruption as possible to your regular daily routine.

As you can see, Anthony & Son is the natural choice if you need indoor air quality services in Germantown, MD!

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The IAQ of your property is one of its most important aspects, despite how easy it may be to glance over or forget about. As such, if you have even the slightest concern about your air quality as a property owner, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the friendly team here at Anthony & Son Indoor Air Quality, LLC.

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